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Dear Everyone,

After 6 years we have finally had the chance to visit the orphanage in Pokhara (Nepal) again. 14 wonderful kids live there. They do not have parents or a place to live anymore. At the orphanage they get food, medicines, drinking water and love! During the current raining season there are no volunteers or donations. The kids still need food and care. Sometimes there’s no food for the day. We have bought them medicines, sports equipment, and we have taken one kid to the hospital (all that, for less than 75 euro). 6 years ago we have raised 700 Euro and bought 4 water buffalo’s. Could you spare a dime? Even if you have 5 bucks left this month, it’s worthwhile your time and effort to donate! The money is used for medicines, care and rent. Help our kids through the raining season! Donate (a small) amount to bank account: NL81 INGB 0007 7907 66, name: N.P. de With / or via PayPal (see button below) THANKS!!!

We will update how much money is donated regularly. Thank you!

Donations go to the Orphanage.  A simple budget will help you understand how far your money goes.
  • Rent                                                                                            US $200 per month
  • Food, clothing, school supplies                                                   $200
  • Phone, water, electricity, maintenance                                 $100
  • House mothers, secretary, handyman                                   $200

                                                                                                           Total  $700 per month

  • Your donation of US$10 will easily feed one of the children for 2 weeks.
  • Your donation of US$100 will  feed all of the children for 2 weeks.
  • Your donation of US$200 will pay for the orphanage rent for 1 month.

Looking for a once in a lifetime, unique experience in Nepal while contributing your efforts to these wonderful children? Be a volunteer and make a difference!

Once volunteers arrive in Kathmandu, they will be picked by someone from The Love Company. The volunteer will be placed one night in a hotel and then transferred via public coach the next morning to Pokhara, where they will be placed in another hotel for the duration of their stay.

We have an optional 1 week program for learning basic Nepali language and volunteers can continue with lessons for the duration of their stay.

We also have an  optional  program to become accustomed to  Nepalese culture. We offer our volunteers the opportunity to experience a true Nepal farm stay in a remote village. This is the area which the majority of our displaced children call “home”. A village stay will enable you to better understand and  relate to our children. After this orientation into the Nepali lifestyle, you will stay in a private room at a hotel in Pokhara for the duration of your stay.

Cost to Volunteers

  • 4 weeks   395 Euro
  • 3 Weeks  295 Euro
  • 2 Weeks  250 Euro
  • 1 Week    180 Euro
  • Extra days 15 Euro each day

This service fee covers:

1. Food and accommodation at the placement .
2. Airport pick up and hotel cost in Kathmandu .
3. Bus fare from Kathmandu to Pokhara and to placement.
4. One day sight seeing to the mountain villages.
5. Simple Nepali language/culture teaching.


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