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Coaches/ 教练

Great coaching staff is top priority at Shanghai Sports United. We only select International Top Coaches from China and abroad with great background & experience in their field of sport. They are fully Certified, First Aid licensed, and CBR checked (Criminal Background).
They are also selected based on social abilities, experience with kids, passion for sports, and ability to develop players individually and in a team.











“Hello, I’m Sabine from The Netherlands, I am the Director of Aquatics at CSU. Swimming is my passion! I’m ABC unnamedDutch licensed and I‘m a graduated Physical Education Teacher. Swimming is about having fun in the water, children need to feel safe with the teacher and in the water. They also need to know how to survive, and finally, how to become better swimmers! With my professional experience (over 10 years as a PE teacher and specialized swimming teacher), passion for swimming and my enthusiasm, children will love to learn to swim!”

unnamed (1)“Hi, I am Javier from Spain. Graduated at university and ex professional basketball player at the Spanish league. 
 Since I was a kid, Sports and Basketball have been the way to express myself and to socialize with new friends.
I believe sports provides children a way to prepare for real life. After many years in China I think that’s the best contribution I could possibly make to this country. The values of Sports and Team are something that China needs to embrace and adopt.”

“Hello, my name is Will from California, USA. I am a Class A Professional Golf Association of America member. I have been a golfer my whole life and am passionate about teaching and playing the game. When I am not golfing I enjoy unnamed (2)watching and playing sports. I also enjoy traveling to new places with my wife, Erica. While in China, I want to introduce many children to golf and teach them how the game can positively shape their thinking and behavior to help them become outstanding citizens of the world.”

“I am Thibaut from Belgium, I started doing athletics when I was 6 and I am still actively running. Until I was 12 I did every discipline before specializing into 400/800m. I have been running in multiple regional and national championships unnamed (3)both on track and field. After receiving my diploma from the Belgian Athletics Federation the kids I coached won multiple regional and national titles. Some of them even got international selections and became champions. Besides coaching I have a degree in sports and event-management. I helped designing and organizing track (Brussels Diamond league), field and street races (Antwerp Marathon). Now I am in China to help children take steps in the world of athletics and find there love for sports!” 

“Hello, I’m Mark from England in the UK. My passion has always been in sports and coaching sports to others, since being in China I have been lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to coach a variety of sports that not only 
unnamed (4)use my sports coaching qualifications and experience, but also in developing some great individuals that I have had the pleasure to coach and train.
My appetite for new challenges and to develop new coaching techniques has been part of the CSU team and the sports experience we are able to provide across China.
My goal is to create extraordinary sporting experiences that inspire both children and adults to enjoy sports and a healthy lifestyle. My own interest in sports are playing Badminton, Volleyball and Swimming when I have the chance, although at the moment I am mastering Ultimate Frisbee.”

IMG_20150923_123524“Hi, I’m Konstantin from Russia. I’m a dance teacher and choreographer. I am Graduated at the College of Culture and at the Moscow Dance Academy. I can teach children from 2 years to 18 years old. I believe that children can start dancing at any age! I started dancing when I was 13 years old and after half a year began to participate at performances! After that I realized that dancing brings to children enormous pleasure and a many new experiences! The most important thing is that dance has a positive effect on health, on the ear (duscipline and attention) and attitude of the child which helps him develop!

Hi, I am Tim from the United States. Since I was young, basketball and American football have been a major part of my life. For four years, I have been a dedicated basketball coach. In my free time I also enjoy playing America21n football for the Shanghai Warriors, in China’s AFLC. Sports, coaching, and educating players of all ages, have always been passions of mine. It is my belief that everyone can benefit from playing a sport, and from being part of a sport’s team. Not only does one learn about the sport, but also they learn important life lessons that can be put to use in everyday living. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to be able to coach and play sports in China and look forward to the future of sports in this country.

Other CSU Team members:
– Directors Narayan & Pauline
– Former National Team Coach 
Edna (Swim)
– Top Dancer and Dance Teacher Konstantin
– Top Dance Teacher Alicia
– Basketball Coach Mel
– Basketball Coach Manish
– Basketball Coach Pierre
– Basketball Coach Shahine
– Basketball Coach Phillip