Personal Training

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Take advantage of phenomenal, tailored instruction for you, your family, your group, or your whole team! Whether you want to receive Private One-on-One attention, Family/Partnered or Small Group or Team Clinic instruction from some of the finest basketball instructors in the game, there is no question that you will greatly benefit from our knowledge, experience, and passion for playing and teaching the game.

Private Training sessions are hour-long lessons designed to maximize the individual attention players receive from the coach while focusing on specific weaknesses of the player(s). Shooting, ball handling, passing, defense, offensive skills, and athleticism are some of the areas that we can work on. Individual training consists of 1 player and 1 coach. These sessions will be designed on an individual basis to help each specific player improve their weaknesses and perfect their strengths. Personalized, one-on-one instruction is the secret to improved skills and increased confidence.








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Key improvement area’s

  • Better skills.
  • Better court sense.
  • Better team player.
  • More efficient and effective.
  • Better endurance.
  • Become Stronger.
  • Be more confident.
  • Jump Higher.
  • Move quicker.
  • Have more fun!

As part of each of our engaging instructional formats, it must be realized that our training is a process. Students can also be expected to make mistakes, learn from them, step out of their comfort zone, take chances and try new things that they would not have tried before, and ultimately come out more confident individually, and more coordinated, as a team.

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