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Toddler Swim/ 幼童亲子游泳

drowning kids, join toddler swim classes shanghai gubei puxi“Drowning Now the Leading Cause of Death for Children in China”

Children are naturally attracted to water without understanding the potential dangers. Through our unique techniques with the Dutch ABC swimming we will help to develop your child’s natural ability to swim and teach survival skills.

The lessons are interactive with child and parent. During 45 minutes in the water, we encourage children to develop awareness and feel comfortable in the water.

TODDLER and PARENT SWIM Program Every Saturday from 10.00 to 10.45


45 minutes of interactive class led by a professional swim coach. Parent and child are both joining the class. After class there is play time with your child!

The focus in class is the interactions between parent and child. While singing songs and playing games children are learning the basic elements of swimming.

Children learn how to feel safe and confident in the water. Jumping in the water, breathing by making bubbles, swim under water, floating and know how to survive in the water are the first steps to become a great swimmer! All with help from a parent. 

It also provides a fun, stimulating environment for the child’s brain and creates a perfecting bonding opportunity for the fortunate adult who gets to be part of this journey with the toddler.

The swimming skills your children acquire today, will give them the ability and confidence to enjoy the water for a life time!

Toddler classes are for children from 2 till 4,5 years old *
* One parent need to join the class

幼童: 2-4岁 (独家)



  • 习惯水的接触
  • 跳入水池
  • 自己爬出水池
  • 潜入水
  • 换气
  • 不需要辅助工具漂浮,面朝上或朝下
  • 在辅助工具或帮助下踢腿
  • 玩水中游戏

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