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Are you ready for some fun and play with other kids your age? Join our tiny tots ball sports & games! 

Tiny Tots is designed to provide a fun and activity based program for three till six year old children who are not yet ready for the competition based program in the older age groups. The program is instructed by a professional coach. Games and activities are utilized to provide an introduction to the basic skills.


The program allows your child to be successful and interact with other children in a fun environment which in turn builds confidence and self-esteem. While they are participating in these fun-filled games, they will be improving their coordination, balance, speed, spatial awareness and listening skills, all of which will be valuable skills to take with them throughout life.

We teach colors, numbers, shapes, body parts, left and right, stop and go and the specific sports as football and basketball.

We also teach the children the basic skills; balance, running, dribbling, shooting, respect, body coordination, strength building, motor skills.


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