CSU Sunday Sports Programs at Wellington International College, Shanghai

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Camps / 运动营、夏令营

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Sports are fun. They are even more fun when you get better! “Build skills and confidence; make friends and have lots of fun at our Youth Sports Camps!” Whether you join one of our Peak Performance Camps or Clinics, or a Multi-Level Summer Camp, you will have a blast of an experience and we will help you become a better, more inspired athlete! 体育是好玩有趣的,但当你玩得更好的时候就更有乐趣了!“在我们的青年运动营–你能建立技巧树立自信;广交朋友还玩得很开心!” 不论你是参加我们的尖峰水平运动营或项目,还是综合水平玩乐运动营,你会惊奇地看到你的技能大爆发!我们会帮助你成为一个更棒的更有灵感的运动员!

We strongly believe that participating (Sports) Summer Camps helps develop stronger individuals, with a good sense of responsibility & creativity; becoming team players and happy social beings. Besides that, in a city far away from home it sometimes proofs difficult to find/meet friends the way you would at home. “Things are just different than back home”. It does not mean that you just have to stay home and sit behind your IPad or TV game. It means you should get up, go out, try harder, and find those friends! We make it a bit easier for you by bringing all kinds of Camps to you, right here in Shanghai!  我们始终相信:参与(体育)运动营可以帮助发展更强的个体。有良好的责任感和创造力的意识;成为团队参与者和快乐的社会人。除此之外,不像你在家一样,在一个远离家乡的城市里有时很难找到/交上朋友。 “就是和回到家不同”。 这并不意味着你必须得呆在家里玩你的IPad或是电视游戏。这是说:你应该爬起床,走出去,更努力尝试去找到那些你的朋友!我们通过带给你各种运动营,让这一切变得更容易一点。就在上海!



More Camps opening up soon!

Summer Camp group kids





–          Top Coaches
–          Great facilities
–          Flexible/customized programs (suited to your needs)
–          5-star, bilingual customer service
–          Safe environment
–          Great program content
–          Priority to join other programs
–          Experienced, reliable and professional coaches and staff
–          Bilingual environment
–          Certified coaches
–          Insurance


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Camp Special Offers


If you like to request Customized Summer Camps in your area, please let us know. You can either leave us a message, call us at +86 21 6199 4816, or send an email to info@shanghaisportsunited.com.



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10 Responses to Camps / 运动营、夏令营

  1. Roberto says:


    I am looking for Basketball Programs and Camps in Shanghai Hongqiao area. Please let me know if there are classes! I am also interested to form a group with others and begin a basketball class. All we need is a good court and a coach who can speak English.

    Thank you!

  2. John says:

    Looking for similar thing. Send me an email maybe we can arrange something?

    Kind regards,

  3. Chris Kwok says:


    I am new here. Can you advice me any programs coming up in Hongqiao area, Shanghai? Please send me an email.

  4. Charlotte says:

    Hi CSU,

    Our son has had a great basketball camp with you guys!

    Really professionally organized and much more affordable than other providers!!

    Thanks and keep us updated when you have more basketball camps.

    Warm regards,

  5. David says:

    Hi there,

    Are your camps taught in English or Mandarin?


    • CSU Team says:

      Dear David,

      Thanks for your message!

      Our camps are generally English spoken. But we always have Chinese assistants who can help out if necessary. That said, many of our headcoaches do also speak fluently Mandarin.

      Let us know if that answers your question.

      Best regards,
      CSU Team

  6. Alex Wu says:


    I am looking for camps, but cannot English very well. Can you have Chineses information on webpage?

    Thanks you,

  7. Tey Kok Hui says:

    Hi I am looking for soccer summer for my two boys aged 10 and 7, please advise which is the suitable camp

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