2015, June 27 – 30 / July 1 – 5; Summer Swim Camp


Do you want to give your child a fantastic start of the summer holiday 2015? Our summer swim camps offers your child a way to spend time with other kids and to learn or improve their swimming! Our International Top Coaches will make you a better swimmer. Improving on strokes, technique, balance, breathing, and more! The camp includes Prizes, Gift and Insurance! Sign Up Now, before we’re full!During the camps children will be divided into three different groups:


When your child has (almost) never had swimming lessons before, this group will fits well. During the camp we will introduce your daughter/son to the swimming pool and start with the basic elements of being in the water in a playful way. At the beginning we will learn how to float as this is the basis of all the swimming strokes. Besides we will focus on jumping in the water, and later in the week of the summer swim camp the basic skills of your child will be extended with the start of different swim strokes.


When your son and/or daughter already know the basics of different swim strokes, this group will be the best. The focus will be on improving the technique, swimming in the deep water, survival swimming and building & enlarging their swimming condition. Later in the week we will deal with all the criteria of ‘Certificate A’ which includes swimming with clothes, diving into the water and swimming under the water.


Ready for some serious swimming? Perfection of the technique of several swimming strokes will be central in this group. New aspects will be learned such as competition starts, turns and finishes. When your son and/or daughter already has a high level of swimming this group will be suitable and we will challenge them to get the best out of themselves.

For all the groups it will be a camp full of team activities, making new friends, learning and overall a lot of fun!


* State of the Art, Heated Swimming Pool; Britannica International School Shanghai
* Former National Team Coach Edna and Top Coaches Lieke and Mark!
* We care about Safety: Free Insurance for Participants + Lifeguard on site + First Aid Trained Staff
* Gift and Prizes!
* Curriculum according to ASA and KNZB International guidelines


DATES: June 27 – 30 / July 1 – 5
AGE GROUP: 5 – 15
LEVEL: Multi Level (groups will be differentiated based on level and ability)

TIME: Daily from 9:30 – 15:30

Refinement of Stroke Technique
Competition Starts
Turns and Finishes
Team Activities
Fun and making friends!

CAMP FEE: 4-day Camp ¥ 1899 (excluding lunch) / 5-day Camp ¥ 2349 (excluding lunch)  
DAY FEE: ¥ 550 (excluding lunch)
OPTIONAL: Lunch ¥160/4-day Camp ¥ 200/5-day Camp
* Lunch needs to be booked/paid in advance and can not be ordered on the spot

Location: BRITANNICA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL SHANGHAI; 1988 Gubei South Road, Shanghai , 201103, China (near Wuzhong Road)


CSU Summer Swim Camp 2014 Impression

Typical Day Schedule:

9:30 Intro + Welcome
10:00 Warming Up in the Pool
10:20 Training (Technique/Strokes/Breathing)
11:45 End of morning session
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Outdoor play
13:45 Swim Training (Video Analyses)
14:35 Matches and Competition
15:15 Wrap Up, Evaluate, Shower and Change clothes
15:30 Pick up by parents





LIEKE (Netherlands)

“The first sixteen years I lived in Almelo, the Netherlands, with my parents and in 2008 I moved to the student city Groningen in the northern part of the Netherlands. That year I started with the Bachelor of IMG-20140325-WA0007Physical Education Teacher at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. During the first year of my study I had growing interest and enthusiasm for swimming and therefore I started a course to become a swimming teacher. In 2010 I finished the course Aqua and Leisure Host in which I am authorized to give swimming lessons. Immediately after finishing the course, I started teaching swimming lessons at different levels at a swimming school in the Netherlands. After two fun and educational years I started at a different company for which I went to France to teach ABC swimming lessons. In 2012 I graduated from the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and after another study I graduated this month, January 2015, from the Master International Business and Management. Nowadays I am teaching with a lot of enthusiasm swimming to children in Shanghai, China for China Sports United. I love to work with kids and I get a lot of satisfaction from teaching swimming to children.”

EDNA RODRIGUES (Guyana)Untitled

Edna is a Founding member of the Dorado Speed Swim Club, she has anActive Swim career in the US and in South America. She is also a Former National Swimmer of Guyana. Edna has Coached the National Swim Team of Guyana and she has Served as Vice President of the Guyana Amateur Swimming Association.


Mark is a fully licensed ASA Swimming Teacher. Mark has a vast Academic Background from the UK and he has many years of Experience Teaching Swimming.